About Unibest
Unibest has been working closely with global pharmaceutical companies for 20 years
We are proud to bring the BEST products and services from China to the world
491 Partners Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry with 491 strong partnerships worldwide. We're dedicated to maximizing market value and enhancing lives through our innovative, one-stop solutions. Experience the power of collaboration with Unibest.
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At Unibest, we strive to be the ultimate pharmaceutical partner, delivering top-tier marketing, development and manufacturing solutions. We're dedicated to maximizing market value, promoting longevity, and providing swift, 24-hour sourcing of quality products.
2NDA Approvals
Championing a united, win-win approach to global pharmaceutical partnerships. Our achievements, including the participations in two NDA drug approvals, exemplify our commitment to innovation and maximizing market value.
103Generic Approvals
Pioneering 103 generic drug projects to make quality medications accessible for all. Our dedication to efficient marketing, one-stop solutions, and strong partnerships drives our vision for a healthier global community. Experience the Unibest commitment.
Streamlining R&D and CDMO processes for bespoke sustainable services. Our commitment to innovation and one-stop solutions empowers global partners and promotes healthier lives.
We exceed expectations with more than 100 audits in supply chain management and quality control. Our relentless pursuit of excellence in one-stop solutions and global partnerships delivers unparalleled value to our partners, who are able to provide healthier lives thanks to our efforts.
Since the foundation of Unibest, we have been building an integrated platform
United, Network, Innovation, Beyond, Efficiency, Satisfaction, Technology
  • 2003

    The Concept of Unibest

    Founder Mr Allan Ko enbarked on his own journey of international trade of pharmaceutical intermediates. He held the believes in United, Network, Innovation, Beyond, Efficiency, Satisfaction, Technology, which later shapped the core of Unibest.

  • 2006

    Founding of Unibest

    Unibest was officially founded in 2006 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China with a primary focus on the international trade of high add-on value pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • 2007

    R&D Center

    Unibest Biopharma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established as a dedicated R&D center for active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

  • 2010

    Intermediate Manufacture Center

    Unibest Biopharma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. acquires shares in Shanghai Qinlong Chemical Co., Ltd., enhancing its manufacturing capabilities for high add-on value intermediates and expanding its commercial supply potential.

  • 2016

    API Manufacture Centers

    Unibest forms strategic parterships with two API CDMOs, Xi'an Caijing Opto-Electrical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Kerey Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., broadening capacity beyond intermediates.

  • 2019

    Formulation and Green Chemistry

    Unibest enhances its expertise in formulation R&D, production, and commercialization by investing in Shenzhen Aoqi Biotech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. At the same time, Unibest follows the advancement of environmental technologies and invests in Guangzhou Taqing Environment Technology, reducing the environment footprint. In addition, Unibest proactively incorporates green chemistry, including flow chemistry, into its solutions.

  • 2022

    CDMO Center

    Unibest invests in a CDMO center in Shanghai, emphasizing powerful organic chemistry R&D capabilities to offer clients robust R&D support. This CDMO center currently focuses on the development of chiral ligands, molecular building blocks, functional materials, and compounds difficult to synthesis.

  • 2023

    One Stop Solution

    In the post-COVID era, Unibest recognizes the heightened need for securing global supply chains. Utilizing digital and disruptive technologies, Unibest strategically combines its 20 years of experience and services to offer a comprehensive one-stop solution package for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

  • Beyond

    Uniting with you

    Unibest has consistently expanded its capabilities, from pharmaceutical intermediates in 2003 to a one-stop solution provider in 2023. Since the post-COVID era, we have been leveraging digital technologies and our 20 years of experience to create comprehensive solutions for global pharmaceutical partners. Together, we strive to enhance lives and revolutionize the industry with innovation and sustainability at our core.

Beyond sourcing: we bring a one-stop solution for your pharma business
We are proud to bring the BEST products and services from China to the world
Because we understands…
For two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of pharma sourcing and trading chemical compounds, and we’ve witnessed the pain points of the industry: high costs, complex regulations, and fragmented services. We’ve also seen the untapped potential of China’s raw material and service prowess, and how it could solve these pain points for our clients. We wanted to create a breakthrough solution that would make it easier and faster to bring good drugs to market.
If you are a chemical plant manufacturing chemical compounds
- trouble with investing in new technology
- finding cost-effective waste solutions
- selecting and building a product porfolio
- seeking for marketing and promotio
- ...
If you are a CXO service provider
- need extra help with R&D and scaling up
- need a reliable partner for mass production
- cannot bypass dangerous reactions
- exploring new project opportunities
- ...
If you are an innovator drug company
- finding contract services
- need diversify supply chain
- need supplier management and risk assessment
- exploring Chinese market
- ...
If you are a generic drug company
- competiting for the first generic version
- R&D new synthesis routes
- controlling raw material costs
- exploring Chinese market
- ...
Meet our leadership team
a group of passionate and visionary experts who are dedicated to creating and delivering cutting-edge and high-quality solutions for the pharmaceutical industry
Code of Ethics
At Unibest, we are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and fostering a culture of integrity. Our Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework for our employees, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring that our actions align with our core values and promote responsible business practices.
ESG and Sustainable Development
Unibest is committed to responsible and sustainable growth, which is why we prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in our operations. Learn about our efforts to minimize our environmental impact, promote social well-being, and uphold strong governance practices, ensuring transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.
Since its establishment, Unibest has been adhering to the core values of "United, Network, Innovation, Beyond, Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Technology," dedicated to becoming a global partner for pharmaceutical companies. We have always stuck to delivering quality and leveraging technology innovation as our driving engine for continued corporate growth. Our team is composed of industry professionals with abundant experience. Their excellence has earned the trust and recognition of numerous customers.

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