Organizational Structure
Unibest Ecosystem
Unibest has a unique and strategic organizational structure that spans the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Our main business revolves around international trade, mainly dealing with pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials. However, our scope of business goes far beyond this. Through nearly 20 years of industry investment, we have gathered cutting-edge forces in the industry covering R&D and production of intermediates and raw materials, high-end formulations R&D and MAH, and environmental technology and green chemistry.
International Trade
At Ningbo Unibest, our core business revolves around the trade of high-added-value pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, driving the optimization of the pharmaceutical value chain.
Investment Areas of Interest
Through our investment unit and PEs, we strategically invest to deeply penetrate the pharmaceutical industry. Our investments have successfully supported the formation of 7 subsidiaries specializing in key areas of the pharmaceutical value chain.
R&D and Manufacturing
With a primary focus on pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs R&D and manufacturing, these units are at the frontline of innovation to advance the pharmaceutical development.
Complex Formulations & New Drugs
As project leaders, these units specialize in researching and initiating complex drug formulations with the goal of fulfilling unmet medical needs. Their direction is the development of innovative drugs under 505(b)(2), with MAH taking the lead.
Green Chemistry
To ensure the safety of manufacturing and the commitment of sustainable development, these units develop and deploy advanced waste treatment equipments and green chemistry technologies, supporting the overall cost reduction and eco-friendly waste treatment.
Get to Know Us
"自强明德,合众至善" is our motto in Chinese. At Unibest, we value learning, ethics, collaboration, and quality. We work with integrity and honesty to create win-win solutions. We deliver excellent products and services for society. We are a one-stop solution provider in the pharmaceutical industry.
Since its establishment, Unibest has been adhering to the core values of "United, Network, Innovation, Beyond, Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Technology," dedicated to becoming a global partner for pharmaceutical companies. We have always stuck to delivering quality and leveraging technology innovation as our driving engine for continued corporate growth. Our team is composed of industry professionals with abundant experience. Their excellence has earned the trust and recognition of numerous customers.

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