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Unveiling the Philosophical Ideologies of Unibest: The Power of Planning


"A ship without a destination faces headwinds no matter which direction it sails."

Reflecting on my learning journey over the last few decades, if I had to share one lesson, it would undoubtedly be "Planning!"

In the voyage of life, we are all sailors, and planning is our nautical chart. It not only determines our direction but also defines the quality of our lives. So what exactly is planning, and how do we execute effective planning? Let’s dive into this critical topic.

Recognized as one of the three magic weapons of life coaching, the six levels of planning's principle reveal the mysteries of achieving success. Ranging from mission and identity to beliefs, values, abilities, behaviors, and environment, each level is interlinked, forming a complete system. Only when we have a comprehensive understanding through all these layers can we truly attain our objectives.


Planning and Unibest Business Activities

The upper part of the pyramid represents the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism - the three ideologies that have collectively shaped Chinese history. As such, the Chinese idiom "修身、齐家、治国、平天下" in the middle holds significant philosophical meaning. It succinctly describes a philosophical sequence for building a harmonious society and sustaining peace in the world:

"修身" means to cultivate oneself or self-improvement. The primary idea here is that personal growth and good moral character form the bedrock of all societal roles. "齐家" refers to managing one's household or bringing order to the family. The philosophy contends that once the individual is morally cultivated, their subsequent family relationships reflect this harmony. "治国" translates to governing the nation or state. The tenet's progression suggests that those capable of fostering harmony within their families can effectively administer their responsibilities towards the state. Lastly, "平天下" means to bring peace to the world. This encapsulates the broad scope of the philosophy, positing that good governance will culminate in worldwide peace.

The bottom part reflects the very dipiction of planning. From top to bottom, it reads “Mission”, “Vision”, “Believes and Core Values”, “Capabilities”, “Behaviors”, and “Environment”. The upper layer decides and guides the lower layer, and the lower layer supports the realization of the upper layer.

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry, we always adhere to our mission: providing sustainable solutions to safeguard human health. This mission serves not only as our company's purpose but also as the guiding principle for our actions.

We employ the six-step innovation process of the "Mud-Pit Pig" method, continuously propelling the birth of new products and the innovation of business models – from problem identification to the development and deployment of models or prototypes. This top-notch professional innovation capability is our driving force for breaking through traditions and achieving continuous advancements.

Simultaneously, we establish clear and quantifiable goals, utilizing SMART principles to ensure that every task is efficiently accomplished. While pursuing efficiency, we place greater emphasis on teamwork and a win-win mindset; through pooling collective wisdom and joining hands in collaboration, we build intricate business capabilities and generate higher business value.

Furthermore, we consistently maintain self-leadership skills, actively and proactively facing a variety of challenges. Throughout the decision-making and execution process, we uphold the principles of integrity and transparency, fully leveraging digital tools to achieve a multiplier effect. This shared capability not only elevates our company's reputation but also fosters strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our macro-strategic capacity allows us to formulate global differentiated strategies based on political trends. We focus on balancing societal benefits, donating to social welfare, and charitable causes to establish a positive corporate image. Additionally, we pay attention to the sustainable development of the environment by investing in environmentally friendly companies and developing green synthesis processes, striving to create a green and sustainable network of enterprises.

How to Make your Personal Plan?

In the journey of personal planning, we first need to clarify our mission. Consider the following: "If I reach the pinnacle in my current undertakings, what value will I bring to the world?" Next, delve into exploring your identity by thinking, "What kind of person do I aspire to be? In what capacity can I complete this mission?" Following this, scrutinize your beliefs and values to ensure their alignment with your mission and identity.

Upon clarifying our beliefs and values, we must consider our abilities. Reflect on the following: "What key abilities do I need to realize my values?" Subsequently, plan your course of action and contemplate, "What steps should I take to progressively achieve my goals?" Simultaneously, we need to inventory our resources and consider, "What resources do I possess? How can I obtain the required resources?" Lastly, listen to your inner voice and affirm, "Is this what I truly desire? Do I feel passionate about it?"

Through this systematic process, we can clarify our planning direction. Throughout it, we must adhere to specific principles - sincerity in realizing dreams; staying consistently goal-oriented; living in the present and being clear and specific, and ensuring seamlessly integrated understanding.

The journey might seem complex, but remember - as with any navigation, we need to set the course right. So, onboard Unibest's ship of planning and prepare for a voyage that guarantees success, just as we have done to become the trusted partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Since its establishment, Unibest has been adhering to the core values of "United, Network, Innovation, Beyond, Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Technology," dedicated to becoming a global partner for pharmaceutical companies. We have always stuck to delivering quality and leveraging technology innovation as our driving engine for continued corporate growth. Our team is composed of industry professionals with abundant experience. Their excellence has earned the trust and recognition of numerous customers.

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